Government Employers

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Learn how government employers enroll in the Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program, enroll drivers, request records, and more.

How to Enroll in the EPN Program

Government entities interested in enrolling in the EPN program should contact the Information Services’ Account Processing Unit at (916) 657-5564.

How to Enroll Drivers

There are two different driver enrollment forms, depending on whether the drivers have a California license or out-of-state license:

Mail your completed form(s) to the address on the form.


Per California Vehicle Code (CVC) §1812 , there is no charge to government EPN account holders (including law enforcement).

How to Delete Drivers

To delete drivers from your EPN account, complete a Government Employer Pull Notice Enrollment or Deletion of Driver (INF 1103) form and mail it to the address on the form. For drivers with an out-of-state license, use the driver’s assigned X number on the form.

Employers must notify DMV immediately when a driver’s employment is terminated to avoid being sent unnecessary driver records.

Do not use the same form to add and delete drivers.

How to Make Changes

How to Request Records

There are three ways to request a copy of driver records for a prospective hire or casual driver:

  • Complete a governmental agency record request form (INF 254), or (INF 252) for law enforcement. To obtain a large quantity (more than 25) of INF 254 or INF 252, fax your request on your company letterhead to the Materials Management Section at (916) 928-6817, or email your request on electronic company letterhead to
  • Require the prospective hire or casual driver to purchase their own driver record for $5 at their local DMV field office.
  • Request a driver record using your standard government request process (for example, online or batch process).

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